Have your party at Smithills

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Smithills Open Farm website visitor… Happy birthday to you!

Birthdays are ace. We love ‘em. What’s more, we like to think we’re really good at making your birthday even more special than it already is. We’d love to take the credit for this, but really it’s the animals that make our birthday parties so good. When we tell them that it’s your birthday they are extra specially nice to you and all your friends.

You can have your birthday at Smithills Open Farm and, fortunately, it does not cost the earth. It’s just £13 per head. For that small outlay, you get taken as a group to cuddle all the animals in pets corner, you get donkey rides, tractor and trailer rides, use of our bouncy castles, toy tractors, sand pit and adventure playground. You even get party food; a selection of sandwiches, fruit, crisps, yoghurts, small cakes and drinks. All you need to do is bring your birthday cake and some party bags. Ooh, and some guests.

So what happens? Well, you are taken as a group to pets corner. Here you and your party pals will be invited to bottle feed the lambs, hold some chicks, stroke a twelve-foot python, cuddle a baby rabbit and play with a guinea pig or two. You can even have your picture taken with a European Eagle Owl. Neat, eh?

In addition to all that super-cool stuff, you and all your friends can have a donkey ride before bouncing off all your energy on the bouncy castles. Alternatively you can play outside, or drive our toy tractors. Food is available to buy in our farm shop (50p a bag) if you want to feed the animals. You may also be able to watch our cows being milked and bottle-feed the baby calves (only available at certain times of the year).

Parties must have a minimum of ten children. Or party pals, as we like to call them. Book it now and we will ensure you have the best birthday party in the world. EVER.