Guinea Fowl

(Guineae Volucri)
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A male is known as a COCK, a female is known as a HEN and a baby is known as a KEET/CHICK. A group is known as a CONFUSION/RASP/FLOCK. There are several species of Guinea Fowl. They have plump roundish bodies that range in length. Their bodies are covered in grey feathers with tiny white spots. Their heads are small and featherless. There are various combinations of colour including white, purple, yellow and blue. A wattle hangs on each side of its beak. Males and females look very similar but the males have a larger helmet and larger wattles.

Guinea Fowl live in flocks and can be very noisy when they become alarmed. Males make ‘kek kek kek’ or ‘chi chi chi’ calls and females make ‘buck-wheat buck-wheat’ cries. They can walk, run and even fly. In the wild they like to roost in trees.

Guinea Fowl are normally monogamous, which means a pair will mate for life. In certain species a male may mate with more than 1 female.

More Info

ORIGIN: Native to Africa.

LONGEVITY: Can live 10-15 years.

WEIGHT: They weigh between 1 and 4kg.

SIZE: Can grow a length from 40cm to 70cm.

DIET: They will eat a variety of seeds, insects and worms.

GESTATION: Egg layers, their incubation is around 4 weeks.

Did you know?

Guinea Fowl can survive long periods of time without water
Their predators in the wild are snakes, wolves and wildcats and birds of prey
They follow other animals around in the wild, walking behind them to catch bits of food they drop.
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