Farm Ice Creamery

New for 2018 is our Ice Creamery. It has always been an ambition of ours to eventually make and sell our own dairy products from our prized herd of Holstein Cows.


You can also visit the ice creamery any day from 10am until 5pm, without having to enter the farm.

Now, due to the installation of a pasteurising plant and ice cream making machine, in our brand new dairy, we are able to make and sell homemade products. You can purchase fresh milk daily, ice cream in take away tubs, single ice creams, and milkshakes.

Whilst selling all the products in the farm, we have also built the Ice Creamery itself on our large car park, meaning you don’t have to visit the open farm if you just wish to come and buy some milk or have an ice cream. With picnic benches outside, why not enjoy a walk around the countryside and then a rest with a tasty milkshake or delicious ice cream. Dogs are also welcome on a lead to the Ice Creamery.

Our Ice Creamery also offers our free range eggs from our chickens you see at the farm. We also sell hot and cold drinks, along with our homemade cakes and biscuits.

Ice Cream Flavours

We have a range of flavours from very popular ones to some for more unusual tastes. We often have new flavours to try too! Our flavours include:

Vanilla Raspberry Ripple Strawberry Chocolate Mint Choc Chip Bubblegum Banana Toffee Fudge Honeycomb Cherry Ripple Lemon Curd Cookies+Cream Jammie Dodger!
Red Sticky Tape

Price list

Ice Creams
  • Children’s cheeky monkey cone single scoop £2.20
  • Wafer cone single scoop £2.50
  • Waffle cone single scoop £3.00
  • Chocolate dipped waffle cone single scoop £2.40
  • Double wafer cone two scoops £3.50
  • Double waffle cone two scoops £3.70
  • Tub one scoop £2.50
    two scoops £3.50
    extra scoops £1.20

Choose any flavour ice cream and we will add some of our fresh milk to whip up a delicious creamy milkshake!

  • Milkshake two scoops of ice cream £4.50
Milk and cream
  • 1 litre bottle return of bottle for a refill £1.35
    Whole (whole milk is no homogenised so will have a cream line),
    semi-skimmed or skimmed £2.60
  • Fresh double cream 260ml tub £2.25
    500ml tub £3.50
    1 litre tub £4.50

Do you live in the local area?
We now deliver fresh farm produce including milk, eggs and cream!

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