Dairy Farm

We have a large dairy farm here at Smithills and we love educating the public on milk production and where your food comes from.

Milking the Cows

Our dairy farm is the heart of the visitor farm, showing and educating visitors where our milk comes from and how we get it. The cows we milk are all Pedigree Holstein Cows (oh and we do have one little Jersey cow!) and they are known as the Carldanton Herd. Our cows are prize winning and we have numerous Champions in our herd.

At 1pm daily you can see some of our cows being milked. Enjoy a short talk whilst watching the cows enter the abreast parlour. You have a great view from our viewing gallery and you can listen to our farmers explaining the process and how we have done it for the last 30 years. The farmer may even tell a few (bad!) jokes! This demonstration really is educational for all ages and we guarantee you will leave this area having learnt something new.

Calf Feeding

With all these cows around this means lots of calves too! Help the farmers feed the calves with giant bottles of milk and learn more about the calves too.

Daily at 12pm.

Dairy Depot and Pasteurising Room

Here you can watch the milk transfer from the robot to the dairy depot where it is stored in a big bulk tank. You can peep through a window to look in the tank at all the milk swirling around. The tank keeps the milk cool for us until we need it in the pasteurising room, or the tanker comes to collect it. We use some of our milk to make ice cream and milkshakes! This all happens in the pasteurising room. Have a look through the window at all the complicated pipes or even see someone making ice cream.

We now deliver!

Do you live in the local area?

We have recently installed a new pasteurising and bottling plant. This now allows us to deliver fresh milk to your doorstep!

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