Guinea Pigs

(Cavia Porcellus)
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A male is known as a BOAR, a female is known as a SOW and a baby is known as a PUP. A group is known as a HERD. Guinea pigs do not occur naturally in the wild. They come in a variety of different colours. In many parts of the world, people keep them as pets. In Peru, Bolivia, and several other countries, they are raised for food.

The first people who domesticated the animals, did it for food. Besides being a pet and a source of food, in some places people think guinea pigs keep bad spirits away. They should always have a friend as guinea pigs are social animals. Guinea pig is also slang for a person who is the first to try something. It can also mean the subject of an experiment. This is because guinea pigs are used by scientists to do biology experiments.

More Info

ORIGIN: Originated in the Andes.

LONGEVITY: Can live 4 to 5 years.

WEIGHT: They weigh around 0.5 kilos.

SIZE: Can grow a length from 20cm to 25cm.

DIET: They should have a diet of 1/8 cup of high quality pellets. They should also have unlimited grass hay, and at least one cup of a variety of veggies.

GESTATION: Gestation is around 60 days. Their young are born with fur and eyes open.

Did you know?

Guinea Pigs are born with fur and their eyes open
They can run around when they are only 3 hours old!
They can also known as Cavies
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