(Macropus Rufogriseus)
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The wallaby is known as a “macropod” meaning “big foot”. A male is known as a BOOMER, a female is known as a FLYER and a baby is known as a JOEY.

A group of wallabies is known as a MOB. They are members of the marsupial family but are generally smaller than kangaroos. They have strong powerful back legs which they use to hop around. The forearms of a wallaby are much smaller as they are mainly used for feeding. The tail is often as long as its body and plays a critical role as a balance aid and is often used in self defence.

More Info

ORIGIN: Eastern Australia and Tasmania.

LONGEVITY: In the wild 10-14 years.

WEIGHT: 4 to 53 lbs (2 to 24 kg).

SIZE: The largest can reach 6 feet (1.8 meters) from head to tail.

DIET: They are herbivores, and the bulk of their diet is grasses, leaves and plants. Their elongated faces leave plenty of jaw room for the large, flat teeth necessary to chew their vegetarian meals.

GESTATION: Breeding season is between January and February. After a gestation period of 28 days, a single Joey is born. As soon as they are born, they crawl into their mothers pouch where they remain for at least 2 months and continue to develop for the next 7 months.

Did you know?

A Wallaby is a Marsupial, which means they are a mammal of which the female has a pouch.
The Pouch is used to rear its young. A baby Wallaby is called a Joey.
Wallabies do not run, they jump and bound.
They can move at around 30mph.
Wallabies are herbivores, eating grasses and plants. They like bread, banana skins and carrots as a treat.
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